Tom Pazik Ballet

Welcome to Tom Pazik Ballet 

The remarkable genius of the late choreographer Tom Pazik lives on in his work today. Mr. Pazik's works are still available and are currently in the repertoire of many professional and preprofessional ballet companies, including Ballet Hawaii, Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre, Greenville Ballet, and the Dance Theatre of Tennessee. 

If you are interested in learning more or in having one of Mr. Pazik's ballets staged for your company, please contact us. 

"Tom Pazik was a profoundly talented teacher and choreographer." 

-Robert Barnett, Former Artistic Director, Atlanta Ballet

Mr. Pazik "created magic pictures upon a stage with bodies in motion carving sculpture in the air." 

- Caroline Cavallo, recipient of the Spies Foundation Grant, the Albert Gaubier Grant and the Royal Danish Ballet's Grant of Honour 

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